Who We Are

Zlopes - The new venture from a group of technology and marketing enthusiasts to bring you a unique shopping experience! Get superior-quality products at the safety of your home by convenient shopping with our App or Website. The venture is from a con-glomerate including industrial, technological and marketing expertise currently based in Kerala with an ambition of spreading the services to everyone in the state. We have a range of branded and unbranded products providing a greater choice.

We aspire to make the customer experience easier, smoother and more beneficial, with a lot of offers and savings and giving value for money. At zlopes, we have been consistently looking for new ways to offer greater choices. We understand that many of our customers have different lifestyle needs, preferences and fulfilling their needs with a vast spectrum of quality products is what we do best! Zlopes is committed to nurturing a neutral platform for restaurants, grocers, and other merchants for engaging them for hyperlocal logistics to yield high standards and convenience to the consumers. With a very advanced and modified method, Zlopes plays a major role in innovating the shopping culture of the people by giving it a reliable platform.

Our Values

Our values ​​are service oriented and offer people hope for an advanced future. We hold on to each of them during our growth stages and they create new levels of meaning and strengthen our relationship.


We push ourselves whenever we have to face tough times. When we anticipate uncertainty, we solve it with flexibility and determination.


feedbacks never discourage us personally. They give us the energy to rectify mistakes and move forward and we work more lively & efficiently.


There is not much distance between Zlopes and people here, so we can solve your concerns and problems together. Only that alliance together can create new changes.

Delivering Good To


We mainly work with the mission of effectively meeting the needs of customers in a short period of time. We find success in creating a wider world at their fingertips.

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It is a strong and mutually understandable relationship between merchants and us. It is slowly moving towards molding a trusted brand in addition to mere profit and sales.

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